Now’s a great time to think about getting a new smartphone to rock.

On the back of some fantastic new phones launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and Samsung’s new phone launches we’ve decided to piece together what’s available and is going to put your current smartphone to shame.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

Galaxy S8

The Samsung S8 is an absolutely gorgeous phone and the the S8+ takes it to a whole other level.

Samsung have done away with the physical home button which has been synonymous with there’s and Apple’s iPhone for years. Instead they have opted for what they have dubbed as the Infiniti display. This beautiful screen runs top to bottom with only a few millimetres to spare. It curves around the edges of both sides of the phone too.

Samsung’s S8 also features an ultra HD style screen. Mobile HDP to be precise, and this makes watching videos and pictures look stunning.

The camera gets improvements too, with brighter and more vivid photos and a front camera that is ideal for selfies with the Smart Auto Focus that tracks faces.

For those of you who need something a little more substantial, the S8 can also be connected to DeX (a docking station) and a desktop screen to transform it into a fully operational Android computer.

There are now 3 ways to open your phone too. Fingerprint Sensor, Face Recognition and Iris scanner. Taking the fingerprint sensor to another step closer to a sci-fi film, there is now an Iris scanner for even tighter security.

Samsung also introduced Bixby, their new personal Assistant Bixby which provides users with several different ways to interact including voice, touch and text.

Quick Questions and Answers

What is the Samsung S8 screen size? 5.8-inch Infinity Super AMOLED
What megapixel is the Samsung S8 camera? 12MP Main Camera & 8MP Front Camera

What are the dimensions of Samsung S8? 148.9 x 68.1 x 8mm

How much is the Samsung S8 Offline (Unlocked)? £689

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Sony Xperia ZX Premium

Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Sony made some great announcements at the MWC 2017 including their new flagship phone the ZX Premium. Others included the Xperia XZs, Xperia XA1 Ultra and Xperia XA1.

The XZ Premium is the phone everyone was talking about though and it’s easy to see why.
Sony have upped their game by further utilising their TV and Camera tech into their smartphones.

The XZ Premium features a 4K HDR screen and 5.5 inch display. Sony have used touchscreen home and navigation buttons for some time now however, unlike the S8, the screen doesn’t run all the way from top to bottom, maximising all the space.

The 4K HDR screen is the first of its kind on a smartphone and Sony says this delivers more true to live picture and video.

Sony’s big sell on this phone Is the Super slow motion and Predictive Capture, the Motion Eye. This makes capturing moving objects.

The super slow mo does look amazing

As always, there are some improvements with low light photography and even more detail with a 19MP option. The great thing about the Sony smartphone range is the ability to some real creative control with the manual options.

Sony has also upped the anti with their front camera and are catering for the selfie generation with a 13MP and a 22mm wide angle lens.

One of the most practical features of the XZ Premium is the 3230mAh battery which will almost certainly last most people all day. There is also improved quick charge and Smart Stamina mode.

Quick Questions and Answers

What is the Sony Xperia ZX Premium screen size? 5.5-inch 4K HDR – Triluminous & X-Reality

What megapixel is the Sony Xperia ZX Premium camera? 19MP Main Camera & 13MP Front Camera with Steadyshot, Motion Eye Camera and wide angled lens.

What are the dimensions of Sony Xperia ZX Premium? 156 x 77 x 7.9mm

How much is the Sony Xperia ZX Premium Offline (Unlocked)? £649

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Huawei P10


Few would believe you if you told them that Huawei is the 3rd largest smartphone brand in the world! Their popularity is spreading from China to the rest of the world with smart designs and reasonable affordability.

The latest phones to lead the line is the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus. Here, we’ll focus more on the P10 as it is the direct competitor to the S8 and Sony ZX.

Packed with the latest tech, the P10 can certainly rock it with the best of them. New in this phone is a finger print sensor with navigation gestures. Basically, the home navigation button allows you to swipe left, right, up or down to perform actions such as launch the voice assistant, display recent apps or return to the previous screen.

One pretty cool feature that is more of a software thing, is the P10 allows you to log into two social media accounts via different apps at the same time. This is available for Facebook and WhatsApp when twin app is enabled. This is great if you want to keep a separate business and personal account or if there are multiple users of your phone for whatever reason. Two apps will appear on the home screen and you can log in at the same time.

The Huawei P10 has an improved camera with wide aperture mode too. This is great for taking selfies, close ups of people and other objects. You can even adjust the focal point AFTER taking a photo to give that blurred effect that really makes the subject stand out form the background.

Teaming up with Leica, the camera also features 3D facial detection plus a natural bokeh effect to produce highly artistic portrait shots.

This phone certainly comes with the look and feel of a premium handset similar to that of an iPhone. The diamond-cut finishing and exterior finishes make the phone that extra bit special.

The P10 also comes in several different colours including a lime green, blue, white, black, rose gold and gold. There’s a colour for everyone.

Quick Questions and Answers

What is the Huawei P10 screen size? 5.1-inch Full HD (QHD on the P10 Plus)

What megapixel is the Huawei P10 camera? Dual 20MP main camera + 12MP front camera. Leica optics, laser autofocus and dual tone flash.

What are the dimensions of Huawei P10? 145.3 x 69.3 x 7mm

How much is the Huawei P10 Offline (Unlocked)? £569

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