Great Money Saving Apps for iPhone and Android!

There are plenty of ways to save money, whether that’s on you mobile bills, weekly supermarket shop or travelling abroad however, not all of us are savvy to the tools available to help us to just that. Some of the apps I use include WhatsApp, MySupermarket and other comparison sites to compare prices on everything from insurance to TV and broadband. I also find it very useful to actively keep track of my spending as I feel, if I don’t then I am more likely to overspend and go over my monthly budget. In light of this I have put together a list of apps that I think will be useful for you and other readers.

Here is a list of 7 great apps that will help you save money:

1. WhatsApp

Whats AppThe largest savings come when you can communicate without even using your mobile to make calls/send texts and sending picture messages. This group of applications includes popular choices, such as Viber, Skype Mobile,Textfree, Fring, WhatsApp, or Truphone. The list doesn’t end here – there are many more such services that allow you to communicate from your mobile over the Internet, thus saving you the charges of your network. Not all of these apps are free but even the paid ones charge reasonably and for heavy users of calls/texts, especially on an unlimited data plan, the savings are substantial.

Textfree and WhatsApp are only for messaging and voice calls whilst the others allow you to make video calls. The savings are especially big, if you talk a lot internationally.

The downside of these applications is that the other party must also have them. Since not all of these have versions for all major platforms (i.e. some are for iOS only), it is quite possible you will have to use two or more of the services in order to keep in touch with all your contacts. But this is a small inconvenience compared to the benefits they have.

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2. Kayak

Kayak is one of my personal favourites for searching travel sites and booking cheap flights, hotels and car rentals. There are other features such as trip planning and flight status alerts too but I don’t use it for that. What I like is the ability to tailor the search with filters such as the time of day, stop overs, and +/- 3 days for more flexibility. The app also tracks price fluctuations and can email you notifications of when the right time to buy is.

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3. MySupermarket

If you’re really on the money and looking to save on your weekly supermarket shop then I highly recommend MySupermarket app. It’s a free and easy service to use that lets you find the best products across several different supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrison’s and more. Simply search for a product, add it to your shopping list and then see the cost and saving across all the other supermarkets.

Key Features

  • Create and manage your shopping list
  • Scan products or search and filter
  • Compare on individual items or your entire list
  • Set price alerts
  • Discover new offers and savvy buys

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4. Onavo Apps

Onavo AppsOnavo offer some more ways to cut your mobile bill. Their two major services – Onavo Extend and Onavo Count allow you to send more actual data for the same GBs and monitor your usage, respectively. These services are useful for people who are not on an unlimited plan as it makes more efficient use of the data being downloaded.

Onavo Extend uses compression and this is where bandwidth savings come from. When everything you send or receive, be it calls, or data is compressed, this could save you 70-80% of the bandwidth data you normally would use.

The second service – Onavo Count monitors your usage and allows you to set limits (daily, weekly, or monthly). When you are about to reach your limit, you get an alert. It also has an option to monitor which applications on your phone are using the most of your bandwidth, which is useful when you have applications you don’t need very much but which are eating your bandwidth.

For the UK, there is also an app called 3G watchdog (available on Android) that will keep track of your mobile data usage and warn you when you are getting close to your allowance limit.

Onovo Extend:

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5. MobillsLabs – Budget and Expense Manager

Budget and Expense Manager Budget and Expense Manager is a FREE app (PRO version available) that helps you to manage your bills and track your spending. You can easily record all your accounts, cards and investments into the app and you can receive timely reminders for paying bills and other money saving tips.

Key Features:

  • Track all your personal accounts in one intuitive app
  • Visually appealing charts and graphs to view your spending at a glance
  • Better understand your spending patterns and manage your budget accordingly
  • View and manage your data offline
  • Set up goals such as saving for a car or holiday

There are many alternative apps that feature the same functionalities asBudget and Expense Manager  including OnTrees, an app produced by MoneySupermarket but many will ask you to link your personal bank and credit card account.Budget and Expense Manager  doesn’t and this is my personal preference from a security point of view.

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6. VoucherCodes

Voucher Codes is the app that accompanies the website which provides discount codes for just about anything you can buy online and even some in-store discounts and there’s even a location feature that pops up with local offers on a map.

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7. My Data Manager

This is a fantastic app to really take control of your mobile data usage and keep within your monthly allowances. With this app you can get alerts and alarms warning you of when you are about to exceed your usage limit. It also tracks Wi-Fi usage, something you may not get from your mobile operating system data monitor either.

The app also lets you track historical usage by month, week and day and will tell you what apps are using data the most.

For more advanced requirements, My Data Manager lets you track data usage across a shared plan or family plan as well as across multiple devices. This last feature makes it useful if you want to track to the data and app usage of your children, for example.

Key Features

  • Monitor data usage including mobile data, WiFi and when roaming abroad
  • Alarm reminders
  • App usage tracker
  • Shared plan and cross device data tracking
  • Historical usage graph

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Money saving applications can help you optimize your phone usage and pay less. If you have never tried such applications, shame on you! Anyway, even if you haven’t heard about them, try the suggestions we give and chances are this will cut your mobile bill. The savings might not be drastic but every penny counts, so don’t allow pennies to be wasted.