When you get a new phone, one of the things you will also want to get is a good case for it. While the choice of ready made cases, covers, sleeves, socks, pouches, etc. is overwhelming you can always make your own case. If you don’t have the time to spend hours looking for a good case, here are some suggestions.

Designer Smartphone Cases

1. Ted Baker – Mirrored Smartphone Case for iPhone 6. This unique Ted Baker case features a mirror on the inside so you can always look your best for selfies! Although not leather, the case is made from a solid polycarbonate/ polyurethane material that is both durable and nice to hold. The Ted Baker logo is imprinted on the case and inside there is a small caption that says “consider yourself protected“. The blend of black and gold gives this case a luxury look that is great for everyday use too.

Ted Baker Mirrored iPhone Case

2.  Michael Kors case for iPhone 6. If you are looking for designer items, Harrods is certainly the place to get them. For instance, this ballet coloured Michael Kors smartphone case features a laser cut design that’s both pretty and unique


3. ‘Legacy’ universal phone case. If you want a designer phone case but you are not looking for a case for iPhone 4 or 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, or any other of the popular devices, or simply have a phone that doesn’t fit device-specific phones, this universal phone case by Coach might be exactly what you need. The case is available in black, bright coral, and lemon and costs £46.43. The case is made of smooth leather, has a zip and a handy wrist strap and almost all smartphones and MP3 players will fit in it.

Coach yellow case

4. Bugatti twin pouch. This Bugatti twin pouch costs only £6.80 but it is stylish and it does protect your device. It is made of calfskin and is not cluttered by unnecessary design elements. In fact it has only the Bugatti logo embossed on it. The pouch is available in red, black, and brown and many models and brands will fit in it.

Bugatti Red Case

5. Falabella iPhone case by Stella McCartney. Compared to some of the other designer cases on the list, this Falabella iPhone case by Stella McCartney costs a fortune (or more precisely, £210.00) but it is a real jewel fashionistas will die for. This designer case is faux leather finished with a luxe chain trim. The Stella McCartney logo hangs from the side and gives it a special charm. For all current Stella McCartney phone cases visit their website here.

Fallable Stella McCartney Case

6. Pandora iPhone case by Givenchy. If you are not in love with faux leather but want pure leather instead, check this Pandora iPhone case by Givenchy. It has pebbled leather exterior and brushed leather interior, as well as a removable neck strap, and of course – the Givenchy logo. You can’t say the case is cheap – it costs £199.00.

Pandora Givency Iphone Case

7. HUGO Boss flip case for S5 – This Hugo Boss black leather flip case is a bargain at only £25. Stylish and sophisticated, it will protect your phone and provide great looks for work and play.

Hugo Boss Flip Case

8. Ksix Vienna Universal Leather CaseThis case is one more universal case you can use for a number of brands and models. It’s made of PU-leather with strengthening of the edges and does a good job to keep your device scratch-free. At £7.50 the case is a bargain. The case is available in red, black, and white.

Ksix Vienna Case Red

9. Pierre Cardin leather case. This Pierre Cardin leather case is another universal model that fits many devices. It is simple and stylish and has a magnet closure. The case costs £10.80 and is available in black only.

Pierre Cardin Mobile Case

10. Mulberry BlackBerry cover. While universal cases generally fit BlackBerry devices, if you have a BlackBerry and want a cover that is made especially for it, you may want to have a look at this BlackBerry cover by Mulberry. The cover looks too plain, especially for its £80.00 price but it is classy for sure. It has a concealed magnetic disc that prevents dialling by mistake. The cover is made of leather and it boasts the classic Natural Leather vegetable-tanned finish, which together with the logo, makes it a great branded gift.

Mullberry Mobile Case Black

Final thoughts

As you see, there is quite of a choice of designer cases. Some of them are very expensive, while others are cheap (and in some cases even cheaper that cheap phone cases) but they’re still original. Take your time to research the available choices and pick a case that is not only pretty but that offers solid protection – after all, protection is the main function of a case, so don’t get a case that will leave your precious device vulnerable.