Social media and photo sharing sites such as Instagram have turned the average smartphone user into a photographer of sorts. People are now able to capture special memories and document important events easily from the same device they use to make calls and text.

With so many people delving into the world of smartphone photography it is no wonder a slew of accessories have followed – aimed at helping you take better photos with your phone. With this in mind, why not take a look at this list of must have smartphone camera accessories to help you take your selfie snapping to the next level.

1. Get yourself a Selfie-Stick

A selfie stick is a handy little gadget that acts as an extendable arm for your phone. This accessory is available from a large number of retailers and is generally around £10. Now you never miss the opportunity to capture a moment, even when you are alone. While it might seem slightly narcissistic to be openly taking photos of yourself in public, the functionality cannot be denied. It is also beneficial in taking group shots as the longer arm provides a wider area of coverage for the photo. One of our favourites is the the Anker Bluetooth Selfie Stick below:

Anker Selfie Stick

The Anker Selfie Stick features bluetooth and a remote shutter.

2. Shutter Remote

A shutter remote is a handy gadget for photography enthusiasts, whether you use an Android or iOS operating system. At a price point of around £30 you can use Bluetooth to take photos from as far as 30 feet away from your phone. Simply set up your phone on a tripod or mount and you are able to take photos from anywhere around the camera, which is great for group photos that include the photographer in them! There are many shutter remote manufacturers, so finding the perfect gadget for you shouldn’t be difficult.


Shuttr by Muku is light, easy to carry and works up to 30ft away

3. Smartphone Ring Light

Everyone knows that great photography is all about having the perfect lighting. That can be difficult to achieve when working with the limitations of a smartphone camera, but the smartphone ring light addresses this problem. The smartphone ring light is a case that features a detachable light ring that can be used in a variety of ways, either around your camera lens, as a source of backlight, or can be detached and used anywhere needed when setting up a shot. Price for these accessories range from about £15 all the way up to £55 depending on quality, and depending on which you choose, come with several handy features such as being powered by battery so as not to drain your phone battery.

Ring Light for Smartphone Camera

Add extra backlighting to your photos with a smartphone ring light.

4. Sony Lens Cameras

These accessories are made for iPhone or Android users and turn your smartphone into a legitimate professional camera. The Sony DSC-QX30 lens works by establishing a Wi-Fi connection between the lens and the phone, giving the user the control to manage settings such as exposure, white balance and more from the phone. This device allows for manual control over zoom, aperture and more allowing you to take more professional looking photographs from your mobile device and share them instantly. This accessory is definitely geared at the more involved smart photographer and sits at a price point of about £250.

Sony Smartphone Lens

Great zoom and pro pictures.

5. Joby Tripod Stand

A tripod is a necessary accessory to be successful in photography. When using your smartphone however, you need atripod that is small and light, and easy to carry with you on all of your adventures. For about £40 you can pick up the perfect tripod, something like the Joby that easily adapts to the environment and keeps your phone safe and secure while allowing you to set up the perfect shot, wherever you may be.

Joby Gorilla Tripod

The Joby Tripod stand is uniquely designed.

6. Bevel

The last photography accessory on the list takes digital photography to a whole new world – a 3D world. This technology is still so new it is only available to pre-order, and is affordable for photography enthusiasts at under £100. The Bevel allows you to take 3D images with any smartphone or tablet, and takes it one step further by creating a file that can be used for 3D printing, making it genuine 3D photography. The only downside to this amazing accessory is that you may be paying upwards of £500 for a 3D scanner to see your projects come to life.

Bevel 3D camera

Take 3D pictures with the Bevel.

It used to be a considered a risky decision for anyone serious about photography to consider using a smartphone camera a viable option, but truth of the matter is; with the advances phone cameras have made and the plethora of accessories available this is no longer the case. The right combination of accessories and imagination can result in some pretty fantastic photos.