These tiny pieces of plastic, called SIM cards, hold so much information! And it is so frustrating, when you lose all this information because, for instance, you didn’t know there are SIM card applications that allow you to retrieve deleted data from your SIM card, or that allow to copy contacts or other data you have stored in your SIM. To avoid these unpleasant situations (and to learn how you can get the most from your SIM), here is a list of 9 useful SIM card applications.

1. Paraben SIM Card Seizure Software

SIM card Seizure

Paraben SIM Card Seizure is an application that helps to recover deleted SIM card data, including deleted text messages. It’s similar to the previous one not only in functionality but also in system requirements (yes, this is another Windows application for your PC) and in licensing terms (both apps are shareware – free to try but if you decide to keep them, you need to pay a fairly heft price of $79).

One of the uses of this type of applications is to monitor what your kids are doing with their mobile. If they have sent/received texts they shouldn’t be and the messages themselves have been deleted, you can still check them with this app and take the necessary measures to prevent your kids from doing bad things with their mobile in the future.

2. Copy to SIM Card

Copy to SIM Card is an Android application that copies contacts from your old SIM to your new one. You can use it on any device with Android 2.x or later. It doesn’t come with bells and whistles but it does what it is supposed to do. Even if you are not changing SIMs, you can still use it to backup your contacts. This is great in the event you lose your phone, or your SIM gets damaged, or you delete the contacts by accident. You’ll then have a spare copy to restore normality.

One of the best things about this app is that it is free but unfortunately it comes with ads. What’s worse is that these ads require permission to access the Net, so if you are worried about the traffic they might generate or that somebody might be spying on you when they want access to your Internet connection, maybe you should consider another app.

3. SIM Card Scanner Editor

This application – SIM Card Scanner Editor has a pretty strange name for what it does. This is another app you run from a PC and it is very old but nevertheless, since it is still working and no other app provides the same functionality, it made it to the list.

You can never guess from the name of the app that it merges data from 12 SIM cards into 1. Essentially, this is a way to backup your SIM card data but it can also be used if you have multiple SIM cards and have data splattered all over them. Now you can get all this data in one place.

When you create the aggregated file, put it somewhere safe. SIM Card Scanner Editor uses DES encryption, which is more than nothing but since DES encryption can be broken, you’d better take measures first that the data is physically not accessible by wrong-doers.

4. SIM Card Explorer

If you are looking for a complete data manager, SIM Card Explorer is one of the best options. It’s a Windows program, so no matter what the operating system of your phone is, you can use this app. Unlike the other applications on this list that do one or two tasks only, SIM Card Explorer is a complete solution for managing the data on your SIM card.

With SIM Card Explorer, you can:

  • manage different phonebooks
  • edit, delete, and recover deleted text messages
  • read/update SIM card directories
  • manage the texts that reside on the SIM card
  • activate/deactivate PIN 1 and PIN 2
  • unlock PIN 1 and PIN 2 with the help of PUK 1 and PUK 2
  • view and update standard SIM card files

This application gives you a lot of power but you need to be very cautious when you mess with SIM card files and directories because you can make a mess that will render your SIM card useless. So, unless you know what you are doing, use the basic functions only, like phonebook management and texts operations.

5. SIM Manager

Android SIM card Manager

If you want an application with a functionality similar to SIM Card Explorer but you want it for Android, then SIM Manager is an option. It doesn’t have all the features of SIM Card Explorer but still it allows to copy/delete contacts and messages from the SIM card to phone and from phone to SIM card.

6. SIM Card Manager

SIM Card Manager is a similar application for iOS with the minor difference that it isn’t free. It costs $19.95 and allows to backup your contacts and texts and move them to your new iPhone. There aren’t that many iPhone SIM card manager apps around and you’d probably be better off using iTunes to backup your data anyway.

7. SIM Selector

SIM Copy

In addition to applications that deal with contacts and texts, there are some other useful SIM card applications, such as SIM Selector. This is a great program, if you have a dual SIM smartphone that is MTK65xx or Samsung Galaxy S duos because the application works on these two platforms only.

SIM Selector allows to configure templates based on which outgoing calls are placed through a particular SIM card. This is useful, when for example you want to make all calls to operator A through the SIM card from operator A, and all other calls through another SIM card.

8. SIM Card Manager

SIM Manager

If you are interested in SIM card system information, then you might want to check SIM Card Manager. According to its developer, SIM Card Manager allows to get data, such as:

  • Phone type (GSM, CDMA etc.)
  • Phone number (if available)
  • IMEI of the device
  • SIM state (SIM absent, network locked, PIN required, PUK required, ready)
  • SIM country ISO code
  • SIM operator code
  • SIM operator name
  • Network type (GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, UMTS, HDPA etc.)
  • Network country ISO code
  • Network operator code
  • Network operator name
  • Network service state (registered to network, network not available, emergency numbers only, service powered off)
  • Network selection status (automatic or manual)
  • Roaming status (active or inactive)
  • Voice mail text ID
  • Voice mail number

This data might not be useful to an ordinary user but if you need to troubleshoot a problem, or if you are just curious, it’s nice to know how to get it.

In addition to getting system data, this application allows to work with contacts. You can call a contact, send a text, delete it, copy it to phone, etc.

These SIM card applications are just a sample of what you can find on the Internet. The only thing you need to be really careful about is not to damage your SIM card, when you use some of the most advanced options of these apps that allow to modify SIM card file structure, PIN and PUK codes, etc. Aside from this, SIM card apps are safe to use and they will save you the hassle to manually transfer contacts and texts when you change your phone.