Nokia Samsung Phones

Dual SIM phones are very practical because nowadays many users have more than one mobile number and while you can carry two separate devices for each of them, it is much more convenient to get a dual SIM instead.

Dual SIM devices have existed for a long time but they somehow didn’t manage to get the popularity they deserve. Partially this was due to their limited assortment and to their not so low prices. Now Nokia and Samsung have announced their plan to release new budget dual SIM phones pretty soon. The technical parameters of both devices are quite decent and if their price is as low as announced, this might lead to a wider adoption of dual SIM devices.

Nokia 110 and 112

The two new models from Nokia are part of its budget line and as it can be expected, they will be cheap. Though prices will vary from region to region, it is expected that the devices will be about €35, which is pretty affordable.

The technical parameters for Nokia 110 and 112 are not breath-taking for sure but for a cheap device they are more than impressive. The 1.8 inch screen is kind of smallish but for a device from this class, it is acceptable. Both devices come with Nokia Browser – an application designed to reduce bandwidth consumption by 90%, which means that your mobile bill will drop substantially. For the full specs, check the site of Nokia for 110 and 112, respectively or watch the video below.

C3782 Evan from Samsung

The second budget dual SIM phone that has been announced recently is the C3782 from Samsung. At €110 it is much more expensive than its rivals from Nokia and in some markets (Asia and Africa in particular) it is too expensive to be called a budget phone but still it is a relatively cheap device.

Of course, the technical parameters of C3782 Evan are much better than the technical parameters of Nokia, which isn’t surprising when you think that the device is more than 3 times more expensive. Its screen is bigger (2.4 inches), the memory is also more, the camera is better, etc. For the full technical specification, check here.

These two budget dual SIMs will hardly take the mobile market by storm because the budget class of dual SIM phones is much smaller than the smartphone market, for example but their existence does make a difference. So, if you are looking for a cheap dual SIM device, watch when they become available in your country and get one.