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iPhone 5 SIM Only

Got an iPhone? Visit our dedicated iPhone SIM Only page.

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Vodafone - Red Nano SIM-Only

£ 15.30
per month
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Vodafone Unlimited Minutes
Unlimited Texts
1GB data
12 Months

Three - Micro SIM-Only

£ 15.00
per month
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Three 200 Minutes
Unlimited Texts
Unlimited data
12 Months

Virgin Mobile SIM-Only

£ 12.00
per month
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Virgin Mobile Unlimited Minutes
Unlimited Texts
1GB data
12 Months

EE - Nano SIM-Only

£ 9.99
per month
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EE 500 Minutes
Unlimited Texts
500MB data
12 Months

O2 - 4G-ready SIM-Only

£ 19.00
per month
View Deals »
O2 Unlimited Minutes
Unlimited Texts
1GB data
12 Months

SIM Only Quick GuideHere at we want you to be well informed before you buy a SIM Only contract. Make sure you know the benefits of SIM Only and each networks’ offerings before you buy. You can compare by price but that may not always be the sole reason to join a network.

What are SIM Only Contracts?

If you don’t know what SIM Only deals are by now then you have been missing out on saving money on your mobile phone bill!

SIM Only deals are an excellent way to get much more value for money when compared to your regular mobile phone contracts.

The premise is simple. There is no mobile phone provided with SIM Only plans and so this translates to more minutes, data, and texts at a cheaper monthly cost.

Save money – flexibility, convenience & choice

The aim of pay monthly SIM Only plans is to give more flexibility, choice, convenience and value than pay as you go and other pay monthly contracts.

The best option if you want to save money, don’t want a long-term contract and have a mobile phone that you are happy with.

Use your existing mobile phone or buy a new SIM Free or unlocked one and you can save money with a cheap SIM only deal.

Which networks do SIMOnlyContracts compare?

Pay monthly SIM only offers are available on the following networks: can help you compare the cheapest plans and you can use our special Calculator to see what savings you can make.

What are the benefits of a SIM Only Contract?

  • Keep your existing mobile phone:
    This is where the money saving is most potent. If you have an existing mobile that you have bought outright or is from a previous mobile contract then you are primed to take advantage of SIM Only contract deals.
  • A short to medium length contract:
    There are two main options to choose from, either a 30 rolling contract or a 12-month contract. The longer the term, the better the value. The most popular option is to go for the 12 months but 1 month contracts provide more flexibility.
  • Keep your phone number:
    It’s so simple and hassle free with little to no downtime. You can keep your number by following our guide on making the switch from one network to another.
  • Lower prices, better allowances:
    When compared with a pay monthly mobile tariff, SIM Only packs in more minutes, data and texts for almost half the price.
  • Make calls to any networkanytime:
    No matter which network you choose, they will all provide you with minutes that allow you to call other mobile networks that your friends and family might be on.
  • Save time – No need to top up like PAYG SIM cards:
    The great advantage over pay as you go is that you won’t have to worry about running out credit and tediously top up every time you are low.
  • Flexible tariffs that are designed for your usage:
    There are now a very wide range of SIM Only deals to choose from whether you want something cheap and cheerful or a buffet style plan.
  • Tailored tariffs for iPhone and BlackBerry:
    All the main networks now offer tailored packages for these phones and you can compare them on all on
  • 4G SIM only deals:
    SIM Only contracts are now available for 4G mobile phones with super-fast data download speeds. Read our guide to 4G & 4G SIM only for more information.


Compare over 180 of the best SIM only deals here online at

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Savings CalculatorIf you’re not sure whether to get a SIM-only or you want to find out how much you could save, use our saving calculator to work out the costs involved and your potential savings.

The calculator is great to use if you plan to buy a SIM-Free phone or have an existing one and want to see how cost effective it is.

Quick and easy to use, take it for a spin here.

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